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Hello, I’m Joanna. I write for Arcadian Lighting, a premier source of high quality interior and exterior lighting fixtures. Thank you, Petra and Rena for allowing me to share a guest post with your readers. My topic today is handsome wood paneling. While this might conjure thoughts of 70s cheap wood paneling, the rooms below display anything but. Some of them reflect rich woods while others tend towards the lighter side. Would you enjoy this great looking wood paneling in your home?

Bookcase Living Room

A traditional living room features built in bookcases amongst wood paneling for a stately look. The wall sconces and table lamps add to the symmetry of the room.

Light Wood Entryway

A beautiful entry boasts decorative light wood paneling along with dark wood floors, risers and front door. The contrast works nicely to define the space.

Gray and Orange Wood

Multi-toned wood paneling in shades of gray, orange and beige create an accent wall in this casually furnished living room.

Scandinavian Living Room

The light wood paneling adds to the crisp and fresh feel of this Scandinavian living room. A darker wood paneling would close the space in making it feel smaller, so the lighter wood is a good choice.

Rustic Nursery

An accent wall of horizontally applied wood gives this nursery a rustic appearance. The swing arm lighting fixture gives a modern touch to the space.

Warm Exotic Wood Furnishing

Exotic wood paneling warms and adds interest to the space. The tones of the wood are carried through to the furnishings and flooring.

Chalkboard Dining Room

White paneling adds to the country feel of this dining room. The chalk board border is a homey touch.

Eclectic Living Room

A matte-finished wood covers the ceiling, floors and walls of this eclectic living room. The hanging light fixture, a ship chandelier is stunning.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Which wood paneling might you choose for your home?  Leave a comment and stop by Arcadian Lighting to brighten up your wood panelings!


ASID Showcase House 2012

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We are very excited to be working on the 2012 ASID Showcase House and to report that there has been a great progress made in the last few months.  Our space is a small guest bathroom on the third floor.  Great things come in small packages, as they say, so we decided to make this little room with a big skylight very special. The colors were inspired by the homeowners’ favorite combination of cream, blue and brown.  Their idea was also to make the top level of the house very modern and fun. We found a very unique tile from Turkey at USON Design (www.usondesign.com) – it comes in 120″ long planks, in about 20 different colors and can be cut to any width. We are using a random barcode pattern – 2”, 6” and 10” wide planks in three different colors to cover the floor and the walls around the tub.

The walls have been framed and the tub has been installed. Next is tiling.

This is how it all started

The tub is in place

The other unique feature in this bathroom is a custom made painted back glass tub skirt. The vanity is white oak stained dark with Whitehall Cambria top.

Stay tuned for the latest pictures and the invitation to the opening Gala in May 2012. Seems like a long time, but there is so much to do!

Rugs with a statement

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We take interior design very seriously. However, adding some fun and whimsy never hurts! How about some innovative rug ideas with a touch of surprise? We recently came across a Spanish company that has a totally different perspective on what a rug should be. Shapes, colors, textures – everything about their product, even names, is so clever! And, it will certainly put a smile on everyone’s face – young or old.

A new take on a so familiar to all of us shag.

This rug is made out of wool and felt and is so inviting to be touched and lived.

This rug would be perfect for a modern bedroom. It will add an instant movement, warmth and great texture.

Made completely by hand using 100% boiled wool. It is soft to the touch and has a very romantic feel to it.

I have to say this collection is my favorite – it’s called Global Warming. Besides its political suggestion, it is so innocent and touching – a small lonely bear on a block of ice sorrounded by an expanse of cold water.

A rug with a message

What kid would not want a rug with a 3-D bear?

This rug is not for everyone, but you have to agree – the idea is genius. This avant-garde rug is made out of bicycle tires, which are collected and processed in India, where the main mode of transportation is bicycle.

This rug collection is called bicicleta

Great solution for a cool and funky basement or a patio.

Switching direction – check out this company designing and producing hair-on-hide leather rugs. The possibilities of pattern and color are endless.

In Search of Color

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How do trends happen and who sets them?  We are all dying to know what will be the next hottest color in fashion, textiles, furnishings.  Trend is really a sequence of events – economic, social, politial – which affects our everyday life and finds its expression in art and design.  It comes at no surprise that in today’s world of chaos and instability, the color palette for next year is inspired by Mother Earth.  Today, we look for balance and think about fundamental issues of life.  We are attracted to the basic colors in nature.  According to Sherwin Williams COLORMIX this is how the four main groups of color will be reintperpreted in the new year.

RED is the most talked about as we haven’t seen such boldness since the 80’s.  In 2012 we look at it as a symbol of life.  It is inspired by the red robes of monks in Japan, by the warmth of the fire and a passionate kiss.

Blue represents water and … denim. In denim we see an American worker who was affected by economic downturn. Brinigin driniking water to everyone in the world is a global issue today. Blue is also a symbol of royalty.

Green is more complex in 2012 – we see more of teal and turquoise shades of it.  It is the color of nourishment, landscape and microscopic plants. Algae is the fastest growing plant on earth, 65% of which is oil.  It might become our next source of energy!

Neutrals is the common ground, tranquility and balance. It is tree bark, grain, linen and organic cotton. The colors are more muted and subtle, however there is a little surprise mixed in with creams and grays – a pop of sunshine.

Enjoy experimenting with color in 2012!


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In February of 2011 INVIEW participated in AIA (American Institute of Architects) design charette Search for Shelter.  It is an annual event brought together by the Housing Advocacy Committee whose goal is to address issues of homelessness and affordable housing.  This year eight projects were submitted by several non-profit organizations and ranged from mixed use redevelopment to interior remodeling to programmatic feasibility studies.  We were involved in two projects, and are happy to announce that one of them is given a green light.
 The Salvation Army Harbor Light building is located in Down Town Minneapolis, next to the Twins Stadium, and is offering  food and shelter to the people in need.  It is a six-story building; each floor is dedicated to various programs from emergency housing to chemical dependency treatment.  The shocking fact is that this building is completely full 365 days a year!
Our team was assigned with the task to reconfigure and improve the sleeping conditions in the Safe Bay area.  This particular area is located on the main level and is open from eight o’clock in the evening to seven o’clock in the morning to one hundred and thirty homeless men.  The sleeping conditions can hardly be called basic and consist of mats on the floor with very little space between them.

Existing Conditions

Existing Floor Plan

Two intense days of research, design and collaboration.  We studied some precedents such as airports, boats and hostels, where space is tight but the sleeping arrangement is still comfortable and adequate.  Our solution was to build quad bunk beds with dividers and small storage bins and space them out about two feet apart.  It would comfortably fit one hundred and thirty sleeping beds plus a small lounge area.

New Zoning Diagram

New Floor Plan

Bunk Bed Configuration

After presenting the solution to Hennepin County, the Slavation Army was given an approval to move forward and rebuild the space.   Although, no government funding is available, it is still feasible to complete this project with donation of labor and materials from private sector.  Currently, the Salvation Army team is actively searching for sponsors and volunteers.   The plan is to finish the project by Fall of 2011.  Our best wishes to the Salvation Army dedicated employees!

Finishing phase is the most anticipated

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We’ve been busy with many projects in the last couple of months: from fun kids’ rooms to kitchen design and family rooms.  Many of them are almost complete and are awaiting to be photographed.  Our biggest remodeling project is done and we are happy to share the pictures of finished spaces with you.  What’s missing?  Furniture, window treatments and accessories.  It is the most exciting phase of a project for us and it is under way.

Style or Function…

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Designing kids’ rooms can be a challenge, especially when it needs to accommodate space for two beds, storage, common play area and individual workspace for each of the girls.  The parents’ idea for the room was to create a fun yet quaint environment that “grows” with their two daughters sharing a bedroom.  Our design solution included good quality basic pieces of furniture:  trundle beds to accommodate sleep-over guests; comfortable armchair for a parent to sit on while reading a book to the kids; an adjustable height wall-mounted desk; and a custom-designed storage piece that fits the space perfectly yet is freestanding so it can be removed if needed.  We added whimsical touches through accessories, fabrics and color.  Those details can add so much character and personality to the space, but can also be changed easily to update the look.  Our favorite is Louis Ghost Chair by Philippe Stark – the little kids version!  Who said kid-friendly design can’t be elegant and timeless?

Floor Plan and Furnishings Selections

South Elevation

Custom designed cabinet

Work in progress - other options

Louis Ghost Chair

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