Big undertaking: several weeks later…

November 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

We realize it’s been quite some time since we updated our blog, but great things don’t happen overnight.   We are happy to report that the new floor is indeed great, including the radiant heat system underneath it.  Getting beautiful concrete floor is a multi-step process, from choosing the aggregate mix to sealing the finished surface to applying control joints to prevent cracking, and takes a little more than a few days.  It’s important to do the research to understand the process and the end result, but it is even more important to work with the right professional.   Concrete Arts (Hudson, WI) delivered exactly what we were looking for: natural concrete look with a hint of warmth and refinement.  Our goal was to showcase the beauty of concrete, so we chose fine aggregate mix, which was exposed during the grinding process, highly diluted maple syrup color and about 800 grits polish.  Check out the pictures to see the finished product.


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